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Water park

Get to know the Parque de las Aguas in Manizales now

Water park


Manizales vibrates with emotion and color thanks to the fact that it already has the Olaya Herrera Water Park, a space for the community to enjoy a show that is summed up in light, sound and innovation and that turns the entrance to the city into an icon of beauty and joy.

This work is the union of many wonderful things from other countries, it has nine sources that communicate electronically in a unique show, as well as a hydraulic system that works in a coordinated manner. The investment was 3 thousand 500 million pesos.

The Park was built in order to solve pedestrian and vehicular mobility problems, in addition to offering fun and family recreation, since it is made up of squares, trails, fountains, lights and sound that make this setting a unique park in the country.

The place has about 2,800 square meters of grass, 1,500 square meters of flowers, two sandboxes and more than 334 reflectors that illuminate the area of the sector with more than 1,600 colors.

Now there is no excuse to miss out on the fun, the Water Park will undoubtedly become one of the most visited and remembered sites by citizens.