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Handcrafts made of soil

Indigenous products, such as gold and silver jewels, toys made of wood, clothes made of silk, hats made of iraca, and kitchenware made of fique are some the stuff you can find at the State Government building Handcrafts Store (“Tienda de Artesanías de la Gobernación”). There are also crafts stores at each town.

 Manufacturing hands express their ability, dedication, and passion for what they do, by using raw materials they have found around. Marulanda is an example of this handcraft; thanks to their sheep, they produce a lot of articles made of wool. Because of its gold mining, Marmato has jewels workshops. Aguadas, a town where the “Palma de Iraca” is abundant, has a long tradition of weaving hats. Pensilvania, surrounded by a pine trees forest, use their wood to produce furniture and toys. Riosucio and Supía have a lot of indigenous communities who weave baskets and modeling on clay. Marquetalia surrounded by banana’s crops, processes a plant subproduct named guasca, for furniture and decorations. Furthermore, Anserma has silkworms, silk is used to produce clothing, such as scarfs and shawls.

Caldas government gives financial support to handcraft workers, and shows their work at hotels around the región. They also visit national and international conventions, have mentoring, supporting, and an accompanied process, at the Caldas Handcrafts Lab.