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CALDAS, a memorable destination

CALDAS, a unique experience

CALDAS, a memorable destination

The department of Caldas is located in the central west of Colombia, in an area of diverse geography where green is the protagonist, water abounds, landscapes amaze and adventure goes to the extreme.

In Caldas, it goes from 190 meters above sea level on the banks of the Magdalena River in the hot port of La Dorada, to 5,000 meters above sea level in Nevado del Ruiz, going through all the thermal floors in 27 municipalities of six subregions.

It is a territory inhabited by 900 species of birds, 50 of them endemic. Likewise, the Selva de Florencia concentrates the largest number of frogs recorded in the Cordillera Central.

In the area of the Los Nevados Natural Park there are glaciers, páramos, páramos and highland wetlands, where the water that supplies 38 municipalities in the region, more than 3 million inhabitants, and which nourishes thousands of hectares of crops is born.

Caldas It has more than 77,000 hectares planted with coffee, in addition to an agro-industrial and biotechnological economy. It has two of the 17 heritage municipalities of Colombia: Aguadas and Salamina, and its capital, Manizales, is the country's university city, with ten centers of training recognized for its high quality.

Welcome to Caldas, we are sure that your trip will be memorable!


Caldas is at Colombia`s western/center, in a very particular geography, where green color is the main actor, water abundance and landscapes are amazing, and adventure goes without limits..

Caldas is at 190 meters above sea level, at the Magdalena river, at the warm place of La Dorada. At the “Snow-capped El Ruiz”, Caldas is at 5,000 meters above sea level, and its 27 municipalities and 6 subregions go through all climatic zones..

900 species of birds live in Caldas, and 50 of them are endemic. Similarly, Florence Rainforest concentrates the highest percentage of registered frogs at the Central ridgeline.

At the National Natural Park “Los Nevados” area, there are glaciers, paramo and super-paramo systems, and high Andean wetlands, where water comes to provide 38 towns, more than 3 million people, and agricultural lands.

Caldas has more than 77 thousand hectares of coffee plantations. It has an economy of agricultural and biotechnological industries.

Besides, Caldas has 2 of the 17 heritage towns of Colombia: Aguadas and Salamina.

Manizales is the College City of Colombia, with ten educational centers, with high accreditation recognition.

Welcome to Caldas. We are sure your trip will be memorable!