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Yarumos Eco Park

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Yarumos Eco Park

Manizales is fortunate to have a protected area within the city, the ecoparque The Yarumos. It offers visitors several activities that can be enjoyed as a family. As its five lines canopy with heights ranging between 30 and 70 meters; Tibetan bridge with its 105 meters long. For the more adventurous: A four-hour tour through the woods and rappelling ropes or descent waterfall in place. Also the natural science museum, library, cultural activities, slides and climbing wall for children and youth; I like ecological trail for nature lovers.

In its 53 hectares of cloud forest inhabited by a variety of flora and fauna. Here lies the great importance of Yarumos, a natural area on the northeastern side of the urban area of Manizales, which provides oxygen, water and life to the city.

Flora such as bromeliads, anthuriums and orchids adorn the ecological trails. Arboloco (bush) Large tree ferns and palms, are part of this forest reserve. Of course, the tree that all our Andean forests pint of white spots, the Yarumo, is the host on the path. Walking with attention and silence, it is likely bird watching as the mountain Carriqui and the Emerald Toucanet. Nor will it be difficult to meet the Burrowing crowned and many other birds to the delight of walkers. Guatines, opossums, foxes and even ocelots could easily run into those transiting the place.

The Ecoparque The Yarumos, is a privilege of the manizalitas, a place that quietly provides many environmental benefits for the city, for the beauty of its landscapes and biodiversity, a presto place for those who want fun, adventure and being in contact with the nature.