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Manizales University Campus

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The initiative of the 6 universities that are part of the SUMA Manizales University System and the Luker Foundation to promote Manizales as a University Campus, responds both to the tradition of the quality educational offer that the city has; as well as the good social, geographical, institutional and quality of life conditions that it maintains. All this associated with the vision of development that has been built around education and knowledge.

Manizales has 396,000 inhabitants and 35,000 university students, almost half of whom come from other regions. Every 10 university students provide a quality job for the region and annually mobilize resources in the local economy for the value of 220 billion pesos; reasons that drive the local public and private sector to commit to the challenge of turning Manizales into the first university city in the country.

There are multiple potentialities that mobilize the commitment: Manizales has 7 highly recognized universities; It is the first city in Colombia in percentage of high quality accredited universities; it is the second in the Higher Education Progress Index of the Ministry of Education and the third in the country with more PhDs linked to teaching.


In addition, in the city 6 universities work together in SUMA to offer academic mobility, projection and joint research. More than 100 agreements with international universities for internships, practices and research processes are reviewed and there are 3 research centers with great recognition: Cenicafe, Crece and Bios.

University students find in the city programs that promote entrepreneurship; innovation and sports practice. In addition to spaces for recreation and leisure and culture and a friendly and inclusive civic culture.

For all these reasons, the invitation for citizens is to participate from the role they play, in the collective effort to communicate the potential of the city for university students, increase the benefits and services for them and thus increase the number of students. who choose Manizales to carry out their professional projects.


SOURCE: Destination Caldas