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Manizales will have Synthetic Sports Court in 2017

Perfect setting for sporting events

The construction of a new sports arena: the athletics track in the Palogrande stadium, another bet of the Mayor's Office of Manizales for 2017 under the conviction of generating more opportunities for Manizales through sports.

The designs are already ready, it will be a 6-lane track made of synthetic material, in a matter of days the specifications will be drawn up to select the contractor to be in charge of building the work, which will respond to a need felt for many years in the city to give grassroots sport the space it deserves.

“It is a commitment from the Mayor, not only with football, just as Aranjuez was fulfilled, he also thinks about other sports such as athletics, bowling, skating, skateboarding, among some disciplines that require better scenarios. That is why the athletic track will be a good opportunity for Manizales and Caldas”, said Martín Emilio Ramírez Cardona, Municipal Sports Secretary.

The track already has a guaranteed budget of $1,800 million, it will have the technical conditions to practice athletics, it meets the necessary specifications. Building 8 lanes, two more than what is stipulated in the designs, would imply altering the pit, the stairs leading to the stands and an additional cost in the project; However, there is already talk of a second phase that can even serve to host international competitions.

This will be the perfect setting for national and international sporting events and championships in Athletics, Cycling, Skating and much more, whose epicenter is the incredible city of Manizales.

Fuente: Saladepresalibre.gov.co