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Nevado del Ruiz

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Nevado del Ruiz

The volcano is part of the Los Nevados National Natural Park and includes other snow-capped peaks such as Nevados del Tolima, Santa Isabel, El Cisne and Quindío, which are covered by glaciers that have been retreating significantly since 1985 due to warming. global. The park is a popular tourist destination and includes several shelters for tourists; the slopes of the volcano are used for winter sports, and the Otún Lagoon, for trout fishing. Also, in the region there are some spas with commercially operated hot springs.


The Los Nevados National Natural Park was created by the Colombian state on April 30, 1974, in order to contribute to the conservation of very important ecosystems worldwide such as: 3 of the remaining glaciers for the country (Nevados del Ruiz, Nevado del Santa Isabel and Nevado del Tolima), ecosystem of super-paramo, paramo, high Andean wetlands, high Andean and Andean forests. In the regional context, it constitutes an articulating axis of biological connectivity and environmental management corridors, in which it interacts and participates with other actors in insertion processes at different levels, Regional, Departmental and Local, such as: SIRAP Eje Cafetero , SIDAP Risaralda, SIDAP Quindío, SIDAP Caldas, SIDAP Tolima, SIMAP Murillo, SIMAP Santa Rosa, SIMAP Manizales, likewise in joint processes such as conservation management corridors, departmental councils for risk management, watershed management processes, participation in inter-institutional committees for environmental education (CIDEA Caldas and Tolima), COCAO operational committee for the upper basin of the Otún River, among other processes.

The Protected Area is located in the Cordillera Central in the Andean Region of the Andes in Colombia. Its extension and surface is part of the departments of Tolima (municipalities of Ibagué, Santa Isabel, Anzoategui, Villahermosa, Murillo, Casabianca, Herveo) Risaralda (municipalities of Santa Rosa de Cabal and Pereira), Quindío (municipality of Salento) and Caldas ( municipality of Villamaría). Los Nevados National Natural Park is the heart of the Colombian coffee region. The rivers that descend from its snow-capped peaks and its moors irrigate the agricultural lands and feed the aqueducts of the cities, towns and paths of the center of the country. Wax palms, laurels, frailejones, seven leathers, condors, ducks, paramo parrots, mountain tapirs, deer, frogs and other species of wildlife survive in extreme conditions. Preserving the water and biological wealth, in harmony with the communities settled in the area of influence and visitors, allows us to cherish a conscious vision of the future for all.

Medical aspects to take into account.

As one ascends in the mountains, the body must adapt to the decrease in oxygen pressure in the atmosphere. In an attempt to provide the oxygen it needs for its metabolism, it speeds up heart and respiratory rates and increases the production of red blood cells. These adaptations are necessary to ensure a comfortable stay and avoid altitude sickness, which ranges from nausea and headaches to edema. The low temperatures require the use of appropriate clothing and footwear to conserve heat. The cold can affect the organism and cause numbness of the extremities and tissue damage. The sun shine is more intense, since the atmosphere filters less radiation and the dazzling reflection of the sun's rays in the snow can cause burns in the eyes, so they must be protected. Skin exposed to the sun and icy wind burns quickly and should also be taken care of.

To do.

drink a lot of liquid
Wear dark glasses with a high UV factor
Use high-end sunscreen
Wear appropriate clothing and footwear to keep warm and protect yourself from moisture
Take time to acclimatize
If you don't feel well, come down
Ask for help if you need
Keep your own pace, take a deep breath and rest whenever you need it
Do not drink alcoholic beverages before and during your visit to the Protected Area
Do not climb the glaciers, or enter the Protected Area without the proper authorization, the necessary equipment and protection elements, the company of an authorized and specialized high mountain guide.

Recommendations to make your visit an unforgettable experience


Plan well your trip, tour, trail you want to visit
Sleep well.
If you have any heart or respiratory disease, refrain from going.
Five days before, consume a good load of carbohydrates in the diet such as: sandwiches, chocolate, fruits, grains, others.
Children under 5 years of age, adults over 65 years of age and pregnant women are not recommended to visit the park.
Rates subject to change without notice.
Prohibited the entry of: Pets, motorcycles, ATVs, buses