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Academic Offer and University System of Manizales: SUMA

Educational quality in undergraduate and postgraduate courses

Academic Offer and University System of Manizales: SUMA

Since October 2010, the rectors of six universities in the city put aside their institutional differences and concentrated on carrying out joint projects to benefit a population of close to 40,000 university students, including undergraduate and graduate students and professors.

The purpose was to create an academic and administrative organization that would function in an integrated manner and manage resources and initiatives, with the idea of generating opportunities for this population.

This is how the University System of Manizales, Suma, arises, whose efforts are aimed at strengthening each of its missionary functions, with the purpose that education is based on a complete perspective of the realities of the city and the world.

High Mobility is a component that aims to improve the academic experience of students and teachers by integrating the curricula of universities. Interested students can enroll up to 20% of their credits in the different programs of the universities that make up this University System. In addition, the university population can benefit from all the collections and databases that the six libraries have, and lend material without further formalities.

In Suma Investigación, the groups from each university are integrated with the aim of promoting individual efforts and raising awareness about the need to have more and more joint projects.

Suma Proyección, which works to build a model for the development of the Region, has the purpose of articulating the knowledge of each institution through its researchers, teachers and students, seeking a greater relationship with the development plans of local public entities. and regional. In the projection component, the institutional relations offices are also registered, which are in charge of management for the universities, not as six different institutions, but as a 'macro university' that achieves recognition and dialogue with large universities and research complexes. in the world.

Suma also advances strategies for the proper use of free time and campaigns focused on taking advantage of the sports resources of the different university venues. Thus, it seeks to comprehensively address the non-academic areas of university life, and deal with the human part of each student, teacher or administrator.

The University System of Manizales is made up of the University of Caldas, the National University, the Catholic University, the Autonomous University, the University of Manizales and the Luis Amigó University Foundation.

For the year 2017 the academic offer of undergraduate and postgraduate courses can be consulted in the following links:

On the national scene, Manizales stands out for its university vocation and its recognized academic activity, having the highest proportion of universities with High Quality Accreditation, making it an attractive city for young people from all over the country who are looking for quality education. in the atmosphere of a quiet city with an excellent quality of life.

Educational quality indices

Caldas, first in quality of higher education. This comprises:

1. First in Saber Pro tests

2. First in quality of higher education teachers

3. First in coverage of high-quality, accredited higher education institutions (4 out of 6 universities)

Manizales, first city in average of PISA Tests in Colombia

Academic programs

More than 90 undergraduate options and more than 150 postgraduate options in areas of knowledge such as:

- Agricultural Sciences.

- Fine Arts

- Educational Sciences

- Health Sciences

- Social Sciences, Law and Political Sciences

- Economy, Administration and Accounting

- Humanities and Religious Sciences

- Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism

- Mathematics and Exact Natural Sciences

The Universities belonging to the University System of Manizales - Suma, are Institutions of Higher Education subject to inspection and surveillance by the Ministry of National Education of Colombia

The Manizales Cultural and Academic Agenda can be consulted in detail at www.manizalescampusuniversitario.com/que-hacer/agenda-cultural?locale=es


Source: Manizales University Campus