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Women's Park

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Women's Park

Parque de Los Novios, was renovated in honor of women, but the idea is that it is also for men to enjoy this park that from now on will host the image of Luz Marina Zuluaga, the first Colombian Miss Universe. The investment was $3.5 billion.



About Luz Marina Zuluaga

She was the only Miss Universe in Colombia for 57 years, she passed away on December 2, 2015. Her name, beauty and charisma sounded around the world. She was born in Pereira, when it was a municipality of Gran Caldas, on October 31, 1938. She is the daughter of Francisco Zuluaga Aristizábal and Margarita Zuluaga Escobar. When she was 40 days old she was brought to Manizales, after her her family moved to Samaria, her father's farm in Valle del Cauca. At the age of 6, she was enrolled in Los Angeles College. She graduated as a bachelor from the Colegio de La Presentación.

On October 11, 1957 she was elected Miss Caldas. On November 8, she arrived in Cartagena and on the 11th she was second in the contest. She represented the country in Miss Universe in 1958 in Long Beach (United States), because Doris Gil Santamaría abdicated her title to get married. On July 25, 1958, she won the pageant, without having been Miss Colombia.