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Coffee Park

Enjoy the adventures of the coffee axis

Parque del Café is a Colombian theme park located in the municipality of Montenegro in Quindío, Colombia. It has a cable car, shows, a world coffee garden, two roller coasters, coffee-based food stalls, Colombian folk architecture, and others, totaling 40 attractions that are divided into: mechanical, aquatic, and thematic.

The Coffee Park was founded in 1995 by the National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers and the Quindío Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers; It belongs to the Fundación Parque de la Cultura Cafetera and is a non-profit entity dedicated to the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of coffee in Colombia, the promotion of cultural, recreational, and ecological activities and the promotion of ecotourism in the region.

It was inaugurated in 1995 and every year it is visited by 920,000 tourists. Located twelve kilometers from Armenia and three from the municipality of Montenegro, on the road that leads to Pueblo Tapao. The park is divided into ecological and recreational spaces.

At the entrance there is a 22-meter-high viewpoint that welcomes you to this theme park, from where you can see the park and the department of Quindío. In each of the places, visitors will be able to see the replicas of six tombs of the Quimbaya culture, Quindian peasant houses, threshing machines, grinders, toasters and other machines that were restored and whose function is explained. The park has an endless number of orchids, heliconias and ferns. In this park, the myths and legends of the Colombian peasants do not escape: the Mohán, the Llorona, the Patasola, the Madremonte, the Duende and many more are gathered in the native forest. They are characters that carry their history and the name of the region where their belief was generated.

There are attractions for all ages, there is the broca, one of the largest roller coasters in Latin America with 1,050 meters in length; For the little ones there is the area of mechanical attractions, the lake of fables dedicated to Rafael Pombo, with his most beautiful stories. In the second part of the park you can find the cable car and 25 new attractions that are linked to fun, architecture, gastronomy, history and the cultural past of coffee. In this magical place you can see the 1928 replica of the Plaza de Bolívar in Armenia , or the facades of the 15 Quindian houses with which the architectural heritage of the Antioquian colonization was rescued.



It is advisable to arrive early at the park, so there is no excuse to go to the last corner of unlimited fun.
For greater comfort, the use of comfortable or sports shoes is recommended to enjoy the tour in the Park.
Hydration is vital while on the tour in the Park.
With the use of comfortable and fresh clothes, it is easier to move between nature and attractions.
To live without inconvenience all the culture and the flavor of fun, it is better to use sun protection elements.
The National Coffee Park is a place of healthy recreation, therefore it is totally prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages and make use of allicinogenic substances.
Locating a meeting point within the park facilities helps to avoid panic in case of loss of a companion.