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Natural parks

Natural Parks

The Los Nevados National Natural Park is the most important natural reserve in the region, occupies the territory of 4 departments and gathers 5 snow-capped peaks where water is born for nearly 3 million people.

Other natural settings rich in biodiversity and with contemplative and recreational activities that attract locals and tourists are: Río Blanco Reserve, where sightings stand out. Plan Alto, Tower 4 and the Central Forest Reserve, which keep several of the water sources that supply the local aqueducts. Alcázares – Arenillo Ecopark that treasures various forest species of the region and the El Prado Popular Forest that adds multiple sports venues for the practice of motocross, basketball, soccer, bicicross, swimming, tennis and large gardens. The Recinto del Pensamiento offers chairlifts over the cloud forest, orchid forest butterfly garden, aroma garden and bamboo pavilion.


“Los Nevados National Natural Park” is the region’s most important natural reserve. It encompasses a territory shared by four states and has five snow-capped peaks. From there, water is sourced for about two million people.

Other spaces, rich in biodiversity and for contemplative and recreational activities are: The ''Rio Blanco'' reserve known for bird watching, “Plan Alto”', '”Tower 4”', and the Central Forest Reserve, where the water sources for the local waterworks are. Amongst the many treasures offered by “El Parque Alcázares Arenillo”, you can find several regional forest species, and “El Bosque Popular El Prado” has extensive gardens and multiple sports venues for motocross, basketball, football, BMX, swimming, and tennis. “El Recinto del Pensamiento”’ offers chairlifts over the fog forest, a butterfly enclosure, the orchid forest, the aromas garden and a bamboo pavilion.