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The Hotel has 16 fully furnished rooms, with cable TV services, local calls, broadband wireless internet, laundry, parking and American breakfast. The Portal Hotel in Milan is strategically located on Avenida Santander, in a strategic point of the city. The Hotel aims to provide the greatest well-being and comfort to its guests, both for tourism and business, so that their stay is an unforgettable experience in one of the most important cities of the Coffee Region.

The Portal Hotel in Milan was born from the need to generate support given the high growth registered by the hotel industry in the city and thus take advantage of the region's potential, offering quality services in an agile, safe and fast manner, without the the need to pay high costs, this seeking the greatest efficiency and comfort for our guests: in 2015, we incorporated sustainable tourism management in environmental, cultural and socio-economic aspects as a development strategy.


The Hotel Portal de Milán ventures into Manizales in order to participate in the offer of hotel services and be part of the response to the accelerated tourist growth of the city. For this reason, it focuses its activity on the personalized attention of its clients based on principles of quality, friendliness and respect for their privacy, also offering them information regarding the strategic sites that stimulate local and regional tourism.

The Portal Hotel in Milan's fundamental purpose is to set the standard of excellence in its customer service. Our quality management will allow us to include more and more service options based on your real and felt needs, to generate an ideal family and executive environment, which facilitates comfort during your stay and the proper development of your daily efforts while passing through Our city.


At Hotel Portal in Milan we are dedicated to providing accommodation services seeking to meet the needs and expectations of our guests, offering quality services, working on the continuous improvement of our processes, which are focused on minimizing negative impacts. and the maximization of positive impacts in relation to the environment, sociocultural and economic.

As a company committed to sustainable tourism, we promote the rational use of resources in the execution of processes seeking to preserve them for future generations; economically, we seek mutually beneficial relationships with all interested parties, respecting their rights and establishing their duties; culturally, we work to create awareness for respect for society, nature and the cultural heritage of our region; and in the social sphere, we declare ourselves against the sexual exploitation of girls, boys and adolescents and the discrimination of the vulnerable population.


Improve satisfaction according to the requirements established by the guest and by the hotel, for the loyalty of current customers and the conquest of new markets.
Establish the level of efficiency in the use of natural resources to improve efficiency in their use.
Contribute to the economy of the region by generating income and sources of formal employment that contribute to improving the quality of life of the social group directly and indirectly linked to the hotel.
Demonstrate actions that contribute to the preservation and conservation of the environment, flora, fauna and cultural heritage.